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11. The European Journal of Development Research. Policy Coherence for Development; Vol. 28, Issue 1, January 2016 / Harlan Koff, ; Lauri Siitonen ; Michael King ; Maurizio Carbone ; et al [DC-EAD-16] [DEEEP-JOURNAL-2016-002]
External link: Download fulltextFulltext
12. Ending the Hidden Exclusion. Learning and Equity in Education Post 2015 / Save the Children's Education Global Initiative [DE-SA-1] [DEEEP-REPORT-2015-071]
Millions of children suffer from a ‘hidden exclusion’ from education [...]
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF; External link: Download fulltextFulltext
13. Sustainable development. Post-2015 begins with education / UNESCO [DE-UNE-3] [DEEEP-BOOK-2015-097]
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF; External link: Download fulltextFulltext
14. L'appel de la societe civile pour un avenir juste et durable / Forum International des Plateformes Nationales d'ONG (FIP) [CS-FIP-1] [DEEEP-PAPER-2015-020]
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF; External link: Download fulltextFulltext
15. Putting people and planet first. CONCORD - Beyond 2015 European Task Force Recommendations for the Post-2015 Framework / CONCORD Europe ; Beyond2015 [DC-CON-31] [DEEEP-PAPER-2015-015]
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF; External links: Download fulltextFulltext; Download fulltextFulltext
16. Materials from Colombia National Consultation / none [DC-NO-2] [DEEEP-BOOK-2014-491]
17. Where Next for the Millennium Development Goals? An opportunity to build the world we want; Januart 2012 / M. T. McBride [DC-MCB-1] [DEEEP-BOOK-2014-452]
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF;
18. A briefing based on 'We can also make change' a report from Voices of the Marginalised, a research project in Bangladesh; 41518 / Voices of the Marginalised [DC-VOM-1] [DEEEP-REPORT-2014-163]
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF;
19. A decent life for all. Building a consensus for a new development agenda. European Development Days 2013 / EC European Commission [DC-EC-18] [DEEEP-REPORT-2014-063]
20. The Broker: Who is the enemy? Mary Kaldor and Stathis Kalyvas reflect on contemporary violent conflict; 39965 / F. Bieckmann [DC-BIE-6] [DEEEP-REPORT-2014-014]
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