The European Journal of Development Research. Policy Coherence for Development; Vol. 28, Issue 1, January 2016

Harlan Koff, ; Lauri Siitonen ; Michael King ; Maurizio Carbone ; Niels Keijzer ; Joren Verschaeve ; Sarah Delputte ; Jan Orbie ; Ninna Nyberg Sorensen ; Marikki Stocchetti ; Carmen Maganda ; Mamata Pradhan ; Franz-Josef Radermacher ; Manos Anthoninis

European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes-EADI
ISBN: 0957-8811

Keyword(s): Policy Coherence For Development ; Public Good ; European Union and Policy Coherence for Development ; Migration-Development Policy ; Policy and Practice ; Global Development Partnership ; Trade ; Transformative Development ; Human Rights ; Education ; marshall plan ; Post-2015
Note: The European Journal of Development Research is a multi-disciplinary journal that seeks to broaden our understanding of the processes that advance or impede human development, whether from a political, economic, sociological or anthropological perspective. This Special Issue focuses on "Policy Coherence for Development" with an introduction to the concept, original articles and book reviews.

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