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1. L'accord de Copenhague - Premier pas vers un accord climatique mondial (The Copenhagen agreement - the first steps towards a global climate agreement); #37 / European Commission [DC-EC-45] [DEEEP-JOURNAL-2018-006]
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2. The Rights of Mother Earth. Notes for the Debate / Pablo Solon [DE-SA-2] [DEEEP-PAPER-2015-034]
A new vision of our relationship with nature, a new legal framework, a set of ethical principles, a strategy with which to question the superpowers of transnational corporations? The Rights of Mother Earth refers to all of these things and something more: it is a call to cast off the dominant anthropocentric paradigm and imagine a new Earth society. [...]
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3. Desirable new world. Life in 2042: Sustainable, diverse, and creative / Lala Deheinzelin [DC-DEH-1] [DEEEP-BOOK-2015-109]
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4. The EU Birds and Habitats Directives / Kerstin Sundseth [DC-EC-37] [DEEEP-BOOK-2015-067]
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5. Common cause for Nature. A practical guide to values and frames in conservation / Elena Blackmore ; Ralph Underhill ; Jamie McQuilkin ; Rosie Leach ; et al [ME-PU-1] [DEEEP-GUIDE-2015-016]
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6. New challenges, new CAP: Birdlife International's vision for the future of the EU Common Agricultural Policy / RSBP ; BirdLife Partner in the UK [DC-RS-1] [DEEEP-BOOK-2014-566]
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7. Staff Guide to Greening Unesco / J. B. Fueyo ; K. Monteil [ME-FU-1.1] [DEEEP-BOOK-2014-278]
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8. The EU's impact on forests. A practical guide to campaigning / FERN ; TRN [DC-FT-1] [ME-FT-1] [DEEEP-BOOK-2014-277]
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9. Altermondes: Biodiversité en état d'alerte (Altermondes: Biodiversity on alert); 40330 / G. Massiah [DC-MAS-2] [DEEEP-ARTICLE-2014-041]
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