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1. Trees in our world. A global education pack / Eva Romanova ; Elane Nevin ; Jenny McDonald ; Noreen Fitzsimons [DE-RO-1] [DEEEP-GUIDE-2015-361]
Trees in Our World is a practical global education pack aimed at encouraging young people to explore trees and their associated habitats, wildlife, cultures, traditions, uses and problems on a global level [...]
External link: Download fulltextFulltext
2. A Viable Food Future / Aksel Naerstad [CS-DF-1] [DEEEP-BOOK-2015-076]
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF; External link: Download fulltextFulltext
3. The EU Birds and Habitats Directives / Kerstin Sundseth [DC-EC-37] [DEEEP-BOOK-2015-067]
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF;
4. Les essentiels du genre 9. Genre et developpement durable (The essential gender 9. Gender and Sustainable Development) / Claudine Drion [DC-MON-6.1] [DEEEP-BOOK-2015-065]
Cet essentiel propose une vision globale articulant les sphères environnementales, sociales et économiques en la croisant avec une approche de genre. [...]
External link: Download fulltextFulltext
5. The dark side of cyberspace. Inside the sweatshops of China's computer hardware production / Jenny Chan ; Charles Ho (SACOM) [ME-CH-1] [DEEEP-GUIDE-2015-035]
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF;
6. Si tu me suis autour du monde (if you follow me around the world) / Norac Carl ; Ngalle Edimo Christophe ; Mukuna Fifi [ME-NO-2] [DEEEP-BOOK-2015-006]
Le jeune Ranji, originaire d’un village indien frappé par la sécheresse, parcourt le monde pour trouver une solution pour sauver son village [...]
External link: Download fulltextFulltext
7. Materialien Entwicklungspolitik im Schaubild / C. Wilmsen and A. Göllner-Scholy [ME-WI-1] [DEEEP-BOOK-2014-677]
8. Global Trends & Global Governance / P. Kennedy ; D. Messner ; F. Nuscheler [DC-KEN-1] [DEEEP-BOOK-2014-411]
Fulltext: Download fulltextHTM;
9. Compass 2020. Germany in international relations. Aims, instruments, prospects; 39173 / E. Hillebrand [DC-HI-1] [DEEEP-BOOK-2014-337]
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF;
10. Pri(po)ročnik za soočanje z globalnimi izzivi (Handbook to meeting global challenges) / Z. Gobbo ; E. Marn ; I. Nouhoum ; U. Povsod ; et al [ME-GO-1] [DEEEP-BOOK-2014-301]
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