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1. Integration of the human rights-based approach into development policies. A guide for the New EU Member States / Minority Rights Group Europe [ME-MR-1] [DEEEP-GUIDE-2019-013]
This guide Integration of the human-rights-based approach into development policies: A guide for the new EU Member States aims to provide practical guidance on how the human-rights-based approach (HRBA) could be applied in the development policy and programming process in the New Member States. [...]
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2. Rohstoff-und Entwicklungspolitik im Widerspruch?. Der Wettbewerb um mineralische Rohstoffe / Globale Verantwortung [DC-GV-1] [DEEEP-REPORT-2019-023]
An important policy area for achieving development policy goals is commodity policy, as many countries in the global South depend on revenues from the export of raw materials and the extractive sector has a major impact on their development. [...]
Full report: Download fulltextPDF; External link: Download fulltextFull report
3. B.6. Knowing International Cooperation; Block B.6 / The Global Dimension in Engineering Education - GDEE [DE-GDEE-6] [DEEEP-JOURNAL-2015-108]
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4. Partnering with Civil Society; 12 Lessons from DAC Peer Reviews / Jordao Cardoso Elisabeth ; Mc Donnell Ida [CS-JO-1] [DEEEP-GUIDE-2015-037]
This booklet outlines the 12 most important lessons and some good practise examples on how DAC members should partner with CSOs [...]
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5. Invisible children? Towards Integration of Children's Rights in EU and Member States' Development Co-operation Policies / M. von Reisen [DC-RE-1] [DEEEP-BOOK-2014-557]
Currently, many European Union programmes and budget lines indirectly benefit children through social investment in health, education and community development programmes. [...]
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF;
6. Aid Effectiveness 2005-10: Progress in implementing the Paris Declaration; 29 November-1 December, 2011 / OECD [DC-OECD-4] [DEEEP-BOOK-2014-505]
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF;
7. Responsibility in the World. Development Cooperation at the Hanns Seidel Foundation / M. Kastler [DC-KAS-1] [DEEEP-BOOK-2014-406]
8. A magyar nemzetközi fejlesztéspolitika a számok tükrében (The Hungarian international development policy in numbers) / K. Judit [DC-JU-1] [DEEEP-BOOK-2014-396]
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF;
9. Arab NGO Network for Development. Progress Report 2010.; 2010 / Arab NGO Network for Development [DC-ANND-1] [DEEEP-REPORT-2014-006]
Report fofuses on activites of ANND in 2010..

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