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1. CONCORD Policy Brief. What European Member States and Commission must remember while committing new funds to the EU Trust Fund for Africa / Concord Europe [DC-CON-83] [DEEEP-PAPER-2019-005]
This policy brief prepared by Concord Europe reaffirms several features which the European Commission and contributing EU MSs must put at the centre of the EUTF’s strategic orientations. [...]
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2. EU Members States should agree to keep refugee cost out of the excessive deficit procedure / CONCORD Europe [DC-CON-63] [DEEEP-PAPER-2016-054]
The European Union has been discussing the possibility of deducting refugee costs from national deficits in the wake of an unprecedented humanitarian crisis with multiple implications, among which a soaring amount resources to rescue and accommodate refugees that may reduce the fiscal space of EU Member States facing tight budgetary regulations. [...]
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3. DEAR matters Strategic approaches to development education in Europe / Tobias Troll ; Rilli Lappalainen ; Petra Skalická ; Ana Teresa Santos ; et al [DE-DE-8] [DEEEP-GUIDE-2015-005]
The need to address development education and awareness raising (DEAR) in a systematic and strategic way is increasingly recognised by a broad range of state- and non-state actors in Europe [...]
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4. Budgeting for the future, building another Europe: European economic policies from a civil society perspective / T. Maisano and T. Rondinella (eds) [CS-MAI-1] [DEEEP-BOOK-2014-445]
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5. Europe, its borders and role in the world; Vol. 2 / T. Huhtanen (chief eds) ; M. Chimenti ; M. Dursin ad G. Fomenchenko (eds) [DC-HU-1] [DEEEP-BOOK-2014-350]
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6. Aid Development Countires: Where Does the UK Public Stand? Results and Analysis from the UK Public Opinion Monitor; 40422 / S. Henson ; J. Lindstrom [DC-HEN-4] [DEEEP-BOOK-2014-335]
7. Financial Regulation and implementing rules applicable to the general budget of the rueopean Communities / European Commission [MI-EU-1] [DEEEP-BOOK-2014-255]
8. The European budget at a glance / European Commission [MI-EU-4] [DEEEP-BOOK-2014-253]
9. Budget de l'UE 2007. Rapport financier / European Commission [MI-EU-3] [DEEEP-BOOK-2014-252]
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10. Facts and Figures. What the official 2008 figures continue to tell us about EC aid and NGOs / CONCORD [DC-CON-21] [DEEEP-BOOK-2014-143]
The purpose of this note is to deepen the debate of the place of NGOs in European Development policy with accurate funding figures from 2004-2008..
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