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A Study of Trafficked Nepalese Girls and Women in Mumbai and Kolkata, India; 38626

Terre des hommes foundation

Terre des hommes foundation
ISBN: 99946-56-67-8

Abstract: This is a qualitative study of Nepalese girls and women after they have been sold for prostitution into brothels in Mumbai and Kolkata, India. The study explores their first days, their years of confinement and their years in sex work after their release. The study investigates the economic forces that drive trafficking from Nepal: the demand of the client and the demand of the brothel owner. The study uses two terms to designate the two alternative situations in which trafficked Nepalese girls and women spend their first two to ten years in the brothel: slavery and debt bondage.

Keyword(s): Expoliting ; Gender ; Girls ; India ; Sex ; Sex Work ; Slavery ; Trafficking ; Victims ; Violence ; Women

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