Book CS-PA-1.1 [*] DEEEP-BOOK-2014-526

Primer on the development effectiveness of Civil Society Organisations

A. Padilla and A. Tujan with H. Richmond (ed)

IBON International
ISBN: 978-971-0483-57-0

Abstract: The primer on the Development Effectiveness of Civil Society Organizations reviews the on-going movement driven by civil society organizations (CSO) to raise concern on the issues of the “aid effectiveness” agenda, and their effort to push the reform toward a more comprehensive, rights-based approach of development effectiveness. It argues that CSOs are development actors in their own right, having a special concern for human rights, social justice, gender equality and sustainability, and are seriously concerned with ensuring effectiveness of the aid system not only from the limited concern of aid management and delivery but also with the full range of development effectiveness, including that of their own. It presents the determination of CSOs to challenge the ill-suited Paris Declaration principles and the need for CSOs to develop and abide by their own principles and mechanisms of development effectiveness principles. The primer outlines a set of principles based on a common framework of social solidarity and identifies conditions for an enabling environment to capacitate CSOs in conducting their affairs as development actors in their own right.

Keyword(s): Civil Society Organisations ; CSOs ; Development Actors ; Development Cooperation ; Effectiveness ; Enabling Environment ; Key Principles ; Social Role

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