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A Southern Perspective on The South/North Educational Linking process (S/NELP). Early stage analysis Zanzibar

A. Leonard

University of London

Abstract: This paper presents an overview of the context for South/North Educational Linking, drawing on how this process allies with the United Nations’ eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). A summary of my research methodology is outlined before the major research content is presented, reporting evidence from schools in Ghana and Uganda. Three themes are explored: The UN’s MDGs and the S/NELP; Pupil and teacher learning outcomes in Ghanaian and Ugandan schools which are attributable to the S/NELP and How S/NELP relationships impact on Development and Development Education in local communities beyond schools. The paper concludes that the S/NELP can create opportunities in Southern schools to address the MDGs, that local ‘Southern’ communities served by primary and secondary schools linked with the ‘North’ may gain benefits as a result and that such educational relationships facilitate developments enabling pupils and teachers to explore aspects of Development Education. It demonstrates how relationships which are not embedded in the curriculum can create a new dependency culture or sometimes contribute to stereotypical views, and thus limit the ability to engage in critical global citizenship.

Keyword(s): Approach ; Data ; Ghana ; International ; Link ; Linking ; North ; Partnerships ; Process ; Research ; South ; Tanzania ; Uganda

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