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Brights Informative Kit in Global Citizenship Education (GCE) for policy makers

Brights Project

ALL DIGITAL ( formerly Telecentre-Europe AISBL)

Abstract: This informative kit aims to equip policymakers with all the necessary knowledge about the role that Global Citizenship Education (GCE) can play in contemporary society. This document will summarize GCE, its principles, capabilities, and advantages and will provide best cases regarding its application. The goal is to convince policymakers into adopting GCE in the training and education curricula. Furthermore, it presents the Digital Storytelling (DS) method and its benefits as a tool to teach GCE more effectively.

Keyword(s): Global Citizenship Education ; Digital Storytelling ; Guides and policy framework ; Guide for policy makers
Note: This document is also available in French, Croatian, Dutch, Greek and Italian

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