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AED - Adult Education and Development. Post 2015; 80

DVV International

DVV International

Abstract: The international journal Adult Education and Development is a forum for adult educationists from all over the world. The main target groups are practitioners, researchers, activists and policymakers in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Transformation Countries in Asia and Europe. The journal is specifically designed to facilitate exchange and discussion around practical and theoretical issues, innovative methods and approaches, projects and experiences, as well as political initiatives and positions. In this respect, Adult Education and Development is a tool for South-South exchange. The journal also seeks to provide opportunities for readers in Europe, North America, and other industrialized parts of the world such as Japan or Australia to acquaint themselves with current sector developments in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Transformation Countries in Asia and Europe, so as to contribute to their becoming more effective partners in practical and intellectual cooperation. As such, Adult Education and Development also serves to foster North-South and South-North exchange. Adult Education and Development is published once a year in English, French and Spanish. Each volume is dedicated to one major topic.

Keyword(s): Lifelong Learning ; Adult Education ; Development ; andragogy ; post 2015 agenda ; Human Rights

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