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Towards A Just Society: Securing Economic Development, Social Equity and Sustainability

Sean Healy

Social Justice Ireland
ISBN: 978-1-907501-14-2

Abstract: After years of coping with the 2008 crisis and its consequences Ireland currently faces major choices. Key questions arise. What kind of future do we want for Ireland? What level of services should we aspire to, in areas such as education and health? What level of infrastructure is required in areas such as public transport and social housing? How much of Ireland’s services and infrastructure should be provided by the state? What would be the appropriate level of taxation for Ireland in the years ahead? Do we have any views on the distribution of wealth and power in our society? The chapters in this Socio-Economic Review address key issues that should be central to such a debate. They set out • A detailed analysis and critique of the current situation; • A vision of Ireland’s future; • A policy framework within which Ireland could move towards a desirable and sustainable future; • A number of specific policy proposals in the wide range of areas addressed. The authors have long advocated a new guiding vision for Irish society; one based on the values of human dignity, equality, human rights, solidarity, sustainability and the pursuit of the common good. These values are at the core of the vision for a nation in which all women, men and children have what they require to live life with dignity and to flourish: including sufficient income; access to the services needed; and active inclusion in a genuinely participatory society.

Keyword(s): Ireland ; Education ; Health ; Infrastructure ; Taxation ; Social Justice ; Economic Development ; social equity ; Sustainability

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