Report DE-DE-12 [*] DEEEP-REPORT-2015-095

Reconceptualising global education from the grassroots: the lived experiences of practitioners

Amy Skinner ; Matt Baillie Smith


Abstract: What is it really like to be a global education practitioner? What influences practitioners’ everyday practice? How does this affect how they understand and talk about what they do? How do practitioners relate emotionally to their work? In DEEEP4 final research report “Reconceptualising global education from the grassroots: the lived experiences of practitioners“, Amy Skinner – DEEEP4 research coordinator and Matt Baillie Smith – Professor of International Development at the Northumbria University, give voice to 16 Global Education practitioners from 15 different countries around the world, providing a fascinating insight into how they view and understand their work.

Keyword(s): Practitioners ; Global Education ; Experiences ; Transformation ; Education ; Grassroots ; Research ; Report ; Interviews ; Resilience ; Practices ; Development Education ; global citizenship education ; quality and impact ; Life ; diary

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