DE-DV-5 [*] DEEEP-JOURNAL-2015-101

Global Citizenship Education. Adult Education and Development 82

Carlos Alberto Torres ; Jason Nunzio Dorio ; Elmer Romero ; Michel Foaleng ; Phil Smith ; Anne Thomas ; Ozge Sonmez ; Rog Amon ; Ryan Damaso ; Marah Sayaman ; Hideki Maruyama ; Biljana Mojsovska ; Akemi Yonemura ; Amy Skinner ; Utak Chung ; Oscar Bravo ; Astrid von Kotze ; Janice McMillan ; Selvino Heck ; Maria Alzira Pimenta ; Sonia de Almeida Pimenta ; Jose Furtado ; Mabel Petrucci ; Timothy Ireland

DVV International

Keyword(s): global citizenship education ; Global Citizenship ; Migration ; Active Citizenship ; Cameroon ; Indigenous ; Community ; Cambodgia ; earth citizen ; Japan ; Peace Building ; Macedonia ; Sub-saharan Africa ; Monitoring ; Volunteering ; Social Justice
Note: ARTICLES: Carlos Alberto Torres, Jason Nunzio Dorio "The do’s and don’ts of Global Citizenship Education" Elmer Romero "The migrant community building active citizenship in no man’s land" Michel Foaleng "Education for Global Citizenship in a postcolony: lessons from Cameroon" Phil Smith, Anne Thomas "Globalisation and the indigenous minority communities of north-eastern Cambodia" Özge Sönmez "How to become an Earth citizen" Rog Amon, Ryan Damaso, Marah Sayaman "From vulnerable to empowered – disaster risk education that matters" Hideki Maruyama "How networking can help build global citizenship in Japan" Biljana Mojsovska "Keeping the peace in multiethnic Macedonia" Akemi Yonemura "Global citizenship in Sub-Saharan Africa" Amy Skinner "Mission impossible? Creating a monitoring framework for Education for Global Citizenship" Utak Chung "Clearinghouse on Global Citizenship Education" Oscar Bravo C. "The participation of senior citizens through volunteering" Astrid von Kotze, Janice McMillan "Global citizenship for social justice: educating higher education students in the global South" Selvino Heck "The world my father built – and what happened next" Maria Alzira Pimenta, Sônia de Almeida Pimenta, José Furtado, Mabel Petrucci "How to empower citizens through virtual learning environments" Timothy Ireland "Virtual Seminar 2015: understanding communities"

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