DE-DV-4 [*] DEEEP-JOURNAL-2015-089

Communities; Adult Education and Development 81

Alfonso Torres Carrillo ; Astrid von Kotze ; Erdem Vardar ; Miguel Ángel Paz Carrasco ; Uwe Gartenschläger ; Elcida Álvarez Carril ; Rika Yorozu ; Merrian Piquero Soliva ; Venant Nyobewe ; Jorge Antonio González Carralero ; Martial Patrice Amougou, Bienvenu Habit ; Anna Pluskota, Monika Staszewicz ; Nikola Koruga ; Oliver Šimko ; Priti Sharma ; Timothy Ireland

DVV International
ISBN: 0342-7633

Abstract: Issue 81 of the international journal Adult Education and Development is all about "communities". We are all part of different communities. And we all learn in different communities. What is the role of adult education in indigenous, virtual, rural, professional, political and many other communities? What can it achieve? In Adult Education and Development, authors from all over the world show and discuss learning in communities or "learning communities" and what they look like today.

Keyword(s): Community ; Human Rights ; Building Bridges ; Gender ; Governments ; Society ; Community Learning ; Poverty ; Minorities ; Health ; Agriculture ; Adult Education

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