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Civl Society Development Centre~STGM

Association of Civl Society Development Centre~STGM

Association of Civl Society Development Centre~STGM

Abstract: Civil Society Development Center Association (STGM) is established in 2005 by a group of activists to support stronger and more democratic civil society in Turkey. The mission of the STGM targeting the attainment of a strong and democratic civil society is to carry out advocacy, campaign, research, training and lobbying activities in its priority target areas in order to; ensure the development of participation and democracy in civil society, strengthen organizational capacity and autonomy, make the voice of civil society heard in decision making processes. Besides Ankara, STGM has local support offices in Adana, Diyarbakır, Denizli and Eskişehir which are dynamic cities of Turkey.

Keyword(s): Local Support ; STGM ; Development ; Development Centre ; Organizations ; Democracy ; Dialogue ; Capacity Building ; Network ; Networking and Lobbying

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