Report DE-AWF-1 [*] DEEEP-REPORT-2015-075

Investigating and Addressing Reasons for Girls' Dropout from Schools in District Muzaffargarh

Mohammed Zia ur Rehman

AWAZ Foundation Pakistan. Centre for Development Services
ISBN: 978-969-9490-17-0

Abstract: This report is the outcome of a research study which has been carried out at AwazCDS as a part of a project called Educating Girls, Transforming Communities (EGTC). The EGTC was funded by UKAid's llm ldeas initiative in Pakistan. The overall purpose of the research was to investigate and describe the causes of high drop-out at primary, middle and high school levels; for girls, and suggest measures for designing strategies to reduce girls'dropout rate in District Muzaffargarh The research was restricted to Muzaffargarh and carried out in April-May 2013. This study entailed review of secondary literature, field survey with head teachers, focus group discussions (FGDs) with class teachers, students, and parents; and in-depth interviews (DDls) with local opinion leaders and intelligentsia. This report describes the background of the research study, the universe and sample of the study, research tools, the statistical and qualitative findings and analysis thereof. The last part of the document concludes the lessons and learning from the study and paves way for developing a consequent advocacy agenda for AWAZCDS and its partners and donors.

Keyword(s): Study ; Findings ; Girls ; Investigate ; Education ; Educating Girls ; EGTC ; Dropouts ; Enrolment ; Teachers ; Parents ; FGDs ; Schools ; Recommendations ; Interviews ; Muzaffargarh ; Pakistan ; South Punjab
Note: The cover picture, inner pictures and page numbering of the attached PDF are different from the hard copy of the Report, but the narrative is the exact both on PDF and published copy.

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