Report DE-OL-5 [*] DEEEP-REPORT-2015-048

Quality in Global Education. An Overview of Evaluation Policy and Practice

Eddie O'Loughlin ; Liam Wegimont

Global Education Network Europe (GENE)
ISBN: 978-989-96024-0-3

Abstract: This publication brings together a number of policy experts, evaluation studies summaries, project reports and overview of evaluation and quality enhancement initiatives in the field of Global Education. The volume provides a broad spectrum of evaluation initiatives in the field of Global Education. It outlines the growing policy framework at European level that supports enhanced quality in Global Education, and presents a range of evaluation case studies from different countries. It also outlines lessons learnt from national and European initiatives, and provides a brief analysis of emerging trends and future challenges in the work of improving, increasing and evaluating Global Education in Europe.

Keyword(s): Global Education ; Policy ; Practice ; Evaluation ; Europe ; Learning ; Case Studies

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