Global Education Manual

Andreea-Loredana Tudorache

A.R.T. Fusion Association (
ISBN: 978-973-0-18352-8

Abstract: This publication is intended to represent a tool for global citizens and global educators in their work with various groups around the world. The ultimate goal is to contribute to building a critical mass of global citizens needed in the world. The reader can find inside insights about the context of global education, the need for global citizens, more details about what is a global citizen is, methodological guidelines for a global educator and a detailed curriculum for developing basic global citizenship competencies. The difference between this work and others in the field (which are many from various institutions), is that it brings a new approach to what we consider global citizenship competencies, a different structure that has been tested in various countries, continents as well, in cross-continental projects (which does not often happen in the field). It also includes a series of culturally sensitive recommendations on how to use certain activities or concepts presented in the publication.

Keyword(s): Global Citizenship ; Global Education ; Global Issues ; Global Citizens ; Global Action ; Global Activities ; Global Actors ; Cultural Relativism ; Sustainable Life Style ; Responsable Consumption ; Climate Change ; Global Interedependencies ; Code Of Conduct ; Critical Thinking ; Global Citizenship Competencies
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