Report DE-DE-11 [*] DEEEP-REPORT-2015-001

European Development Education Monitoring Report 'DE Watch'

Johannes Krause ; European Multi-Stakeholder Steering Group on Development Education


Abstract: The DE Watch report provides a detailed overview of DE policies, practices and funding in the 27 EU Member States and Norway, based on a range of studies, surveys and reports by various stakeholders. It takes into account the concepts and practices related to DE within the Formal Education Sector, the policies and approaches of national Ministries responsible for development and their subordinate agencies, as well as the activities of civil society actors, local and regional authorities. As a irst attempt to assess the DE performance of state and non-state actors in the 28 European countries analysed, the DE Watch report develops draft indices and aggregates them into a mapping of the DE commitment and practice of the national Non-Governmental Development Organisations and the national Ministries/agencies responsible for development.

Keyword(s): National Profiles ; Report ; Methodologies ; Europe ; Development Education ; Recommendations ; country mapping ; Interpretation ; funding overview ; National Strategy ; NGOs ; Developing Countries ; Multistakeholders ; civil society actors

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[*] This refers to the hardcopy version which you can find in the CONCORD library. You are invited to our office to browse our resources.

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