Book ME-UND-1 [*] DEEEP-BOOK-2015-003

Choices for the poor. Lessons from national poverty strategies

Mercedes Gonzalee de la Rocha ; Alejandro Grinspun ; Jaroslaw Gorniak ; Julia Harrington ; Alf Morten Jerve ; Alejandro Grinspun (ed.) ; Julian May ; Siddiq Osmani ; Catherine Porter ; Sanjay Reddy ; Pierre Hassan Sanon

ISBN: 92-1-126138-4

Abstract: 'If we are to meet the global target of halving the proportion of people living in extreme poverty by 2015, we must first learn better the many lessons of past success and failures', stress Minister Anne Sydnes of Norway and March Malloch Brown, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme in the Foreword. That is the aim of "Choices for the Poor". (...)

Keyword(s): Poverty ; Policy issues ; Case of studies ; Angola ; Mali ; Mauritania ; Nepal ; Indian States ; Laos ; Guatemala ; Uruguay ; Lebanon ; Palestine ; Bulgaria ; Latvia ; Tajikistan ; Lesotho ; Poverty in transition ; Private adjustments ; Eastern Europe ; Central Asia ; Financing Basic Social Services ; United Nations Development ; Past

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